Procedures For IMPORT Process

Procedures for IMPORT process

    1. Request Estimate with “Estimate” title for [email protected]
    2. It should be included: quantity, product, brand, caliber, color and UPC or link. The UPC can be obtained on our website just click on “Our Catalogue” that will open a new page for product consultation and specifications. If you do not find the desired product, we indicate the – and – if you have located the product on another site, please send us the link 
    3. Estimate will be answered in a maximum of 72 hours
    4. If the Estimate is approved – the Order will be generated and sent for approval with the Commercial Terms
    5. Payment of products should be processed in full in the placement of the Order (to purchase the product and we have access to the Serial Number) or after issuance of Import Authorization/License issued by the Importer country
    6. The License probably will have to contain the indication of Tactical Weapons as exporter – information will be included in the Order
    7. Import Authorization/License should be sent to Tactical Weapons by e-mail 
    8. Upon receipt, Tactical Weapons submits the forms below for completion, signature and return:
      – Purchase Order  (PO)
      – Credit Card Payment Authorization. We accept Visa, Master, Diners and Amex cards
      – A transfer can also be made to Tactical weapons account in USA – in this case Proforma Invoice will be provided
    9. Payment of the purchase is processed (if it has not been yet) as well as fees etc. To be able to purchase the product it need to be paid in full. Fees has to be paid in the week of submission to the U.S. Government and Freight can be paid in the week of shipment
    10. IMPORTANT: From the first payment of product the Importer can not step on U.S. soil on the same date as product payment and PO were issued, except if it is American Citizen
    11. Tactical Weapons begins submission process in the U.S.
    12. The release period in the US may vary – with a min of 30 days. Dep of Commerce has no obligation to inform how long it will take to issue the Export License
    13. While the process is under approval in the U.S., the Importer requests the Shipment authorization – if it is the case – it may vary in each country
    14. Upon receipt of Shipment approval and release of the process with the American Entities, we ship to the destination
    15. Instructions for withdrawal and reimbursements are set out in the Commercial Terms


Tactical Weapons does not carry out procedures for issuing required documents in other countries to be able to import from us.